Jeff Miller's Bowling Pro Shop
  Est. 2002

                                              Taking in the view at Lake Tahoe, spring 2010.


I bowled in my first league the '72-'73 season.
 I began my bowling ball drilling work in the fall of 1989, while I was still a full-time PBA Touring pro.  I have an analytical mindset, having earned a BS in mechanical engineering at Purdue in 1986. During my short time on Tour ('87-'90), I witnessed the origins of 'exotic' layouts, with the 2pc urethane balls that were beginning to dominate the scene. I was fortunate to make 2 TV shows back then, each time with a ball that had an off-label layout with an extra hole. So bowling ball reaction has had my interest for a while now !
  Even more important is the comfortable and correct fit of the bowling ball. With 25+ years of experience, I have seen just about every type of hand - even a few without fingers or thumbs (from injuries). Bowling is the only game where the hand is placed INTO the ball. The size, shape, angle and location of the gripping holes determine how you are able to grip, swing and release the ball. If you ask most of my clients, they will tell you I can give you the most comfortable fit you have ever had. 
                                         - Jeff
                P.S. Yes I do love the great outdoors !!

      ANGEL'S LANDING, ZION NTL PARK, UTAH               SNOWSHOE, WEST VIRGINIA                                  LAKE HOPE STATE PARK, OHIO

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